November 4, 2022

7am PST / 10am EST / 4pm CET

Test JavaScript. Test with JavaScript.

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    Of practical talks
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All things JavaScript testing.

Bugs shall not pass.

TestJS Summit is an online event for QAs and software developers to get up to date with JS testing best practices, sharpen skills and get latest updates from top products core teams. Get a full ticket to participate in workshops, and network with thousands of others JS testing folks on November 4, 2022.

This year, you can expect:

  • Performance

  • Security

  • TestOps

  • Unit testing

  • API testing

  • Mobile testing

  • Automation

  • Accessibility

  • Visual Regressions

  • Cross Browser testing

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Filip Hric

Rafaela Azevedo

Matt Fellows

Murat K Ozcan

Shai Reznik


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First speakers

Filip Hric
Slido, Slovakia

Lead SDET at Slido, official Cypress.io ambassador. I studied psychology, and landed in tech, where I now combine the knowledge from both. Huge passion for music and running. Author of Cypress workshop. Always learning, blogging, streaming, creating videos and online courses. All can be found on filiphric.com. Father of three beautiful children.

Rafaela Azevedo

SC Cleared Full Stack SDET with +15 years of Experience in QA, +13 years of Experience in Test Automation, and +8 years in Leadership, Delivering, and Releasing Software on different platforms (Mobile, Desktop, Web). Raised and born in Brazil with Portuguese grandparents moved to London in 2014 and now works as an independent contractor.

Became a STEM Ambassador and a STEM Women Member in 2020 making an impact and bringing more people to the STEM area. Contributes to TestProject and instructor of Test Automation University (Contract Tests with Pact and Introduction to Blockchain Testing) alongside a tech blog created in 2011 which is a collection of learnings and past experiences.

Matt Fellows
SmartBear, Australia

Matt Fellows is a core contributor to the Pact contract-testing framework, and the Principal Product Manager of the microservices continuous delivery platform – Pactflow (a SmartBear company). A self-described polyglot who enjoys working at the intersection of technology, humans and ideas – ideally fully caffeinated. He's passionate about giving back to the tech community, sharing learnings at local meetups and conferences, and is a core contributor to the popular Pact microservices testing framework and author of the Muxy chaos testing tool. When not absorbing the Internet via osmosis, he can be found teaching kids at Code Club, playing basketball or pumping iron like Arnie.

Murat K Ozcan
Extend, USA

Murat was born in Turkey and has lived around Chicago for over 20 years. He graduated from Illinois Institute of Technology with a computer engineering bachelor's and contributed at Siemens for over a decade. He is married with two daughters; 9 and 11 years old. He lives to do corrective deeds; learn, teach, fix what is broken, improve and optimize all things around at work, open source, and home life. He is a tech enthusiast in love with testing, development, devops, web and cloud. Currently he is a Staff Engineer & Test Architect at Extend.

Shai Reznik
HiRez.io, Israel

Shai Reznik or "That guy who always talks about testing..." is the founder of HiRez.io which focuses on cost effective testing training.

Being a leading part of the JavaScript community since 2012 and a Google Developer Expert, Shai has been speaking all over the world giving wild and entertaining talks.

His courses and training have helped thousands of developers enjoy a stress free life and while increasing their code confidence, quality and efficiency.

And his lectures have been viewed by over 170,000 developers (and probably a few random people as well!)

As a hobby, Shai does improv and standup comedy and love to tease friends with weird sweaters.

CFP is open until September 16, 2022

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Program Committee

Stefania Ioana Chiorean
Cognizant Softvision, Romania

Ioana is an engineer manager flavored in communities, and devrel, that has more than 12 years of experience in tech with a specialization in mobile apps and web. Besides her job at CodeSandbox, she dedicates her time to building tech communities and improving the access to education. She is the Module Owner for Mozilla Reps, one of the alumni of MozTechSpeakers, and stands as an ambassador for CodeWeek at the European Commission. In her free time, she contributes to Open Source and different volunteering programs, while enjoying a coffee or a good wine.

Alex Lakatos
Interledger Foundation, UK

Alex has spent the past 11 years working on the Open Web within Browser, Communications, and FinTech organizations. With a background in web technologies and developer advocacy, he's helped organizations build developer-friendly products while engaging with the developer community at large. As the new Technology Lead for the Interledger Foundation, he focuses on lowering the barrier to entry into the Interledger ecosystem and drive the adoption of the web standards powering the Interledger protocol. An avid traveller, it's likely you'll bump into him at developer conferences around the world.

Walmyr Filho
Talking About Testing, Instructor and Founder, Spain

Walmyr Filho is a software craftsman, blogger, YouTuber, Cypress.io ambassador, online instructor, podcaster, mentor, consultant, speaker, an active member of the testing automation and JavaScript communities, and a fan of good music, tattoos, vegan :seedling: food, and skateboarding.

Cecelia Martinez
Replay.io, USA

Cecelia Martinez is dedicated to building developer communities that are inclusive, constructive, and make software development a better experience for all. Her role as Community Lead at Replay.io involves coding, writing, speaking, teaching, and most importantly listening. She is a lead volunteer with Women Who Code Frontend, chapter head of Out in Tech Atlanta, a mentor, and part of the GitHub Stars program.


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TestOps, Performance, API testing, Security, etc.


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